Flex Mod: The Helps and the Hindrances

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The Flex Mod weekly schedule system is a new schedule instituted by Fountain Lake School District. This new schedule uses a weekly layout instead of traditional fifty-minute class periods. Not only has Cobra-Flex changed the times we go to each class, based on the day of the week, it has also allowed for Independent Learning Time. ILT is a time for students to work independently in designated areas. Students must check in during ILT periods and follow all ILT guidelines in order to maintain this privilege. The benefit of this system is, the more classes you excel in, the more time you have to work independently on other subjects.
The Flex Module schedule has also brought a major change to Fountain Lake. Juniors and seniors with ILT at the beginning and end of the day are now allowed to arrive to campus
late and leave early.
On the flip side, this new system has caused confusion among some of our fellow classmates. Many sophomore students do not take the time they are given to work independently seriously. This is being addressed through assigning SLT and MLT(Situated learning Time and Mandatory Learning Time). Freshmen students are not offered ILT at this time. As the year progresses, we hope to see students grasp what makes the Cobra-Flex schedule beneficial; and we always continue to hope for a brighter and more educated future.

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Flex Mod: The Helps and the Hindrances